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“Water Conditioning Contractor” Licenses Now Required by Colorado State Statute & Plumbing Code

Water Conditioning Contractors Now Require a State License ! Water Softener & Filter sales & installations now require the company to have a “Water Conditioning Contractor” License issued by the State of Colorado. The new law signed by Governor Hickenlooper in June 2015 became active on April 1st, 2016. Home Owners hiring water conditioning contractors should be certain they are hiring properly licensed companies. The company should provide you with a License bearing their company name and a License # in the following format WC.0000006 (BTW that is our Licence #). It is critically important that the license start with WC.000000?. If it starts with anything other than “WC.000000?” They are not a “Water Conditioning Contractor”. Only a “Water Conditioning Contractor” has had the proper training and experience to properly advise you regarding proper equipment application and proper installation. It’s your home…. your family…. your health. aveo it right. Hire a licensed Water Conditioning Contractor. Chuck, The Water Man… License # WC.0000006. Colorado Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis and Much More Culligan_Halls_Chuck_300x250 What about Water Softeners in Colorado ? Water Softeners are only a small (but important) part of this industry. During the recent economic times, we found ourselves very fortunate to have developed a large, strong & very loyal service base. We provide services to dozens of restaurants, car washes, hotels, and other commercial clients. Our customer contact program is based on the concept of “Lifetime Customers”. We contact customers about a month before their next service is due. Helping them with a reminder ensures their equipment is properly maintained and will work flawlessly for many years. We are proud of the work we do and the service we provide. We believe it has kept us strong while others have stumbled. Water Softener Ratings & Reviews. Our Water Softeners carry 3rd party cert’s by NSF and the National Water Quality Association (WQA). Chuck, The Water Man has extremely high customer service ratings from Angie’s list, Yelp, Home Advisor and many other consumer rating & referral organizations. Take a minute and read some of our customer letters from over the years.!”…. Click here to see how our customers rate us !

Water Softener Reviews & Ratings

Water Softener Reviews & Ratings are important ! But Many Water Conditioning Contractors could just make them up. Consumers should look for 3rd party sources such as…

Denver Better Business Bureau *** A+ RATING *** 

Angie’s List 

National Water Quality Association

Colorado Water Quality Association

Please read our Water Softener Reviews & Ratings Most of them came from 3rd party sources. Many of them are letters directly from customers to us. Also, follow the links above to check us out on any of the 3rd party sites. But please come back to our site for a free estimate. We want to solve your water quality problems with great water softeners, water filters & water purifiers. > Click here to see customer letters !

Water Softeners…Customer Letter of the Month

“The following Letter was received via email April 19th, 2016: I can not express how awesome this whole process was. I had a tankless water system and gas line installed all in the same day. After speaking with Chuck on the phone I already felt comfortable with him. We scheduled an in home consult. The consult was quick and painless and he is extremely knowledgeable regarding plumbing and the Rinnai tankless systems. His crew showed up on time and extremely professional and pleasant. They spent all day at the house working hard and being unobtrusive as possible. I couldn’t ask for a better experience and will be using them in the future. Thanks to my team today and Chuck for making this a great experience. They also came in over a thousand under the first quote we received and truly believe in the product. Jessica S. April 19th, 2016> Click here to see more customer letters ! We fix water problems in Denver and throughout Colorado. We sell new water softeners & water filters and service all major brands including Kenmore, Culligan, Rain Soft and Hague water softeners, just to mention a few. We are one of the largest sellers and service companies in Colorado for water softeners.

Water Purifiers and Filters

We carry water purifiers and water filters for your whole home or just under the sink drinking water systems. Different water filters and purifiers remove different contaminants. Whether you are trying to remove chlorine from city water or a rotten egg smell from your private well; we have the right water filtration system for you.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

An on demand hot water heaters is one of the best things you can do for your home. The most critical consideration for a tankless water heater is a knowledgeable and highly experienced installer. When choosing a contractor for your tankless water heater system it’s critical that they have extensive experience installing the systems. Otherwise, anything that can go wrong, such as cold showers, will go wrong. We have over 28 years of experience in the water business and will do the job correctly the first time!

Water Filter & Softener Service Denver Colorado

Water Filter Service in Colorado is a rare skill.  Water Softener Service in Denver is mostly a myth. Most companies or individuals that advertise “We service all makes & models”… DON”T !  Most of those guys are just trying to sell you a new water softener or water filter.  Chuck The Water Man (that’s me) has spent more than 25 years learning to service just about every kind of water filter and water softener out there.  I’ve been factory trained on many brands such as RainSoft, Ionics, Cuno, Water Factory & 3M.  I am a factory authorized service provider for Ionics, Cuno, Northstar, LeverEdge, 3M Water, Haque Quality Water, Eco Water Systems, and others. I have access to original manufacturers parts and technical assistance if needed. While I may have to tell you that your old water filter or water softener is at the end of it’s life, more often I can fix the old one and save you a lot of money vs. buying a new one.  Just let me have a look before you buy a new water softener from any other company.

Highland Water… Recent Company News !

You may have heard we were able to purchase the assets of Highland Water. We now offer full service & supplies to all of their customer base. Welcome ! Chuck, The Water Man now adds those 530 customers to his thousands of clients throughout Colorado and the surrounding states. We are still the Family owned company you have always known while our resources to provide services or greater than ever. Big enough to serve… Small enough to care.

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