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team dave logan water vendorColorado Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis and Much More

What about Water Softeners in Colorado ? Water Softeners are only a small (but important) part of this industry. During the recent economic times, we found ourselves very fortunate to have developed a large, strong & very loyal service base. We provide services to dozens of restaurants, car washes, hotels, and other commercial clients. Our customer contact program is based on the concept of “Lifetime Customers”. We contact customers about a month before their next service is due. Helping them with a reminder ensures their equipment is properly maintained and will work flawlessly for many years. We are proud of the work we do and the service we provide. We believe it has kept us strong while others have stumbled.

Water Softener Ratings & Reviews. 3M Water Softeners carry 3rd party cert’s by NSF and the National Water Quality Association (WQA). Chuck, The Water Man has extremely high customer service ratings from Angie’s list, Tom Martino, Yelp, Home Advisor and many other consumer rating & referral organizations. Take a minute and read some of our customer letters from over the years.!”…. Click here to see how our customers rate us !
You can click the following link to visit our private portal into the 3M product line. Go to 3M Water Private Portal Now !


THEY’RE BAAAAAACK ! We all Love it when the economy starts to improve. But there is one down-side… the scammers & low-life come out of the woodwork and into your home. The Water Softener industry has its share of these worms… and they are showing up in Colorado (especially Denver). Recently there have been several “new companies” show up in Colorado. Some from out of state. Some local guys with a pick up truck. PLEASE protect yourself. Check them out. Heck… Check us out. Look at BBB, Angie’s List, Tom Martino’s Troubleshooter List. Read the referrals. Bottom Line …? A great water softener system should never cost more than $2,500. unless you have a very complex installation cost. Most will be under $2,500. We have been at this Water Softener / Filter thing for over 31 years. Happy to give you a free quote over the phone. 303-543-9600. If a company can’t give you a price over the phone, they are angling for a 3 hour sales pitch at your kitchen table….Hang up and call somebody else.

Water Softeners…Customer Letter of the Month

“The following review was posted on Angie’s List:
First, Chuck answered all my questions over the phone. He even entertained my questions that had to do with trying to “do it yourself” without getting offended. I like to research and compare prices & he was totally cool with everything and had good responses that matched up with my experiences (shopping around, other family members who have water softeners installed incorrectly, etc). I also appreciated that he didn’t try to sell me on a reverse osmosis filter – asked legit questions and then said I prob didn’t need one unless I really wanted one – saved me a lot of money compared to these other sales guys who try to sell you the “whole package”. It makes sense that all he needs to know is how many people we have and how many bathrooms we have. The guy that Costco sent to us did that whole kitchen demo thing (which from a chemistry perspective was cool, but I didn’t need him to tell me my water was hard, that was obvious) and when we finally asked “ok, so how much?” – he said “$7500” – we pretty much laughed him out of the house. But then sort of gave up on the idea thinking it was just too expensive. Then found Chuck’s profile on Angie’s list and was happy to find that a softener was indeed attainable.
Then Allen came down, was on time, did a great job installing the filter & water softener (taking into account future planning in case we ever want to finish our basement – thinking like an owner, I liked that), even showed me how to drain our hot-water heater and explained why that needs to be maintained, and cleaned up his work area when he was done. Great job, start to finish. Customer service has been great. Chuck called back every time I left a message, their office has always been very response, and Allen was great on the install. The water softener is doing wonders for our baby’s skin and the drinking water tastes super clean. Time will tell if it was worth the more expensive equipment (3M softener from Chuck vs Kenmore action at the big box stores) – but again, my folks have that Kenmore one & it’s been a so-so experience for them. But overall, money well spent! Highly, highly recommendedem
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We fix water problems in Denver and throughout Colorado. We sell new water softeners & water filters and service all major brands including Kenmore, Culligan, Rain Soft and Hague water softeners, just to mention a few. We are one of the largest sellers and service companies in Colorado for water softeners.

Water Purifiers and Filters

We carry water purifiers and water filters for your whole home or just under the sink drinking water systems. Different water filters and purifiers remove different contaminants. Whether you are trying to remove chlorine from city water or a rotten egg smell from your private well; we have the right water filtration system for you.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

An on demand hot water heaters is one of the best things you can do for your home. The most critical consideration for a tankless water heater is a knowledgeable and highly experienced installer. When choosing a contractor for your tankless water heater system it’s critical that they have extensive experience installing the systems. Otherwise, anything that can go wrong, such as cold showers, will go wrong. We have over 28 years of experience in the water business and will do the job correctly the first time!

Water Filter & Softener Service Denver Colorado

Water Filter Service in Colorado is a rare skill.  Water Softener Service in Denver is mostly a myth. Most companies or individuals that advertise “We service all makes & models”… DON”T !  Most of those guys are just trying to sell you a new water softener or water filter.  Chuck The Water Man (that’s me) has spent more than 25 years learning to service just about every kind of water filter and water softener out there.  I’ve been factory trained on many brands such as RainSoft, Ionics, Cuno, Water Factory & 3M.  I am a factory authorized service provider for Ionics, Cuno, Northstar, LeverEdge, 3M Water, Haque Quality Water, Eco Water Systems, and others. I have access to original manufacturers parts and technical assistance if needed. While I may have to tell you that your old water filter or water softener is at the end of it’s life, more often I can fix the old one and save you a lot of money vs. buying a new one.  Just let me have a look before you buy a new water softener from any other company.

Highland Water… Recent Company News !

You may have heard we were able to purchase the assets of Highland Water. We now offer full service & supplies to all of their customer base. Welcome ! Chuck, The Water Man now adds those 530 customers to his thousands of clients throughout Colorado and the surrounding states. We are still the Family owned company you have always known while our resources to provide services or greater than ever. Big enough to serve… Small enough to care.

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