Water Softener Rip-Offs

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Water Softener Rip-Offs are quite common. There are several ways a salesman or a company can mislead you in their sales presentation. Here’s an example of one such “Low Life”. Last week I got a call for service from an 84 year old woman living alone way out in the country. She has her own private well. Several years ago, she bought a water softener from a clever salesman. He convinced her that her water was very hard. In fact, he said it was so hard that she needed a $6,000 water softener. This very nice lady bought the softener and continued to use it and have it serviced until I got there last week. In Fact… her water is naturally soft… without the water softener. Her TDS is high, so she should have a small Reverse Osmosis for drinking water… but not a softener. It is amazing how low some folks will go.

Residential Water Softener Installation

Yesterday afternoon we installed another residential water softener in Erie, Colorado. It was installed with a high flow carbon cartridge filter. This water softener & filter combined all of the highest efficiency components & highest flow components available on the market today. In our experience, the control valve is the most reliable the industry has to offer. We have used the Clack WS1 control valve for about 9 years. This particular model has been unbelievably durable over the years. If a homeowner wants a great water softener that will require a minimum of service for years to come, this is the one for you. Yes, we carry other good water softeners & control valves. This is the best I’ve seen in my 28 years in the industry. Congratulations to our new customers in Erie! You made a great choice !

Commercial Water Softener

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Most restaurants have commercial water softeners in their facility. They help minimize water spots on dishes, glasses, & silverware. Yesterday we started at 1:am. We installed a commercial water softener in a restaurant at Park Meadows Mall. It will limit the amount of chemical used to keep scale from building in the dishwashing machines. It will help these anti-scaling chemicals to work more efficiently. We had their water turned back on by 5:30am so the staff could start preparing for their first customers to arrive at 10:am.

Water Softener Repairs

Wednesday was a day for Water Softener Repairs. Clear Creek EMS is one of our customers.  We started the day repairing their water softener.  Then Fixed a residential unit in Keenesburg Colorado.  Next, we went to Broomfield where we repaired a Reverse Osmosis unit.  Finally, we ended up servicing a Bottle-Less Water Cooler in Commerce City, Colorado. Fairly easy day… Home by 5:pm.  That doesn’t happen often.

Kenmore Water Softeners

Kenmore Water Softeners may be the most prolific residential water softener out there.  It stands to reason they also are the “most serviced”  units.  Chuck The Water Man (that’s me) is an authorized service provider for the company that manufactures the units that ultimately get the Kenmore label.  Yesterday we replaced a drive motor on a 3 year old Kenmore residential water softener.

Water Problem Systems

Yesterday we serviced a system designed to solve a water problem.  The system was originally installed to solve an odor problem in the water.  We came in yesterday to set up a Chlorine feed system to help the original system kick the odor.

Water Softeners Denver

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For water softeners in Denver Colorado, we have it all !  We install new water softeners in Denver. We repair existing water softeners. Both commercial water softeners & residential water softeners are part of our scope of expertise. Yesterday we were called for a Saturday service call at a restaurant in Aurora.  They are part of a chain of restaurants for whom, we service 12 restaurants on Colorado’s front range.

Salt Free Water Softeners

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“Salt Free Water Softeners”

By:  Chuck, The Water Man

They  Don’t  Work !   That is my educated & highly experienced opinion.  While there are many excellent water filtration appliances that do not use salt, I cannot include water softeners in that bunch. By definition, water softeners must remove hardness from the water. There are 3 common ways in which companies & manufacturers claim they are softening water without the use of salt…

1.  Clamp a magnet to your water pipe… Sounds simple enough.  They make lots of assertions about how the magnetic field changes or aligns the hardness in the water rendering it “soft”.  I would certainly challenge that theory.  Hardness is mostly dissolved rock. Calcium carbonates, bi-carbonates, etc. I’ve never seen magnets have much effect on rocks (unless the rocks are laced with iron).  But let’s move on and imagine there is some effect.  So we visualize all the little hardness ions all lined up in marching formation.  Now what ?  There is no mechanism in the magnet to remove anything.  It is clamped to the outside of the pipe. It cannot do anything to change the hardness content of the water.  Want proof ?  Have the water analyzed. Use water before & after the magnet.  You’ll find you’ve been ripped off.  The results will be the same.  But at least you have some very, very expensive magnets. Suggestion… get a real water softener or an appropriate filter for your water.

2.  Wrap coils of wire around your pipe and apply electrical pulses to it.  Guess what… this creates an electro- magnet.  It costs a lot more than the magnet described in #1 (above).  But the end result is exactly the same. Do a hardness test on your water… No Change !  These guys even advertise on national TV.  Why?  Because they know the 1st rule of scams. “There is a sucker born every day”.   Now you have a very, very expensive electro-magnet that actually uses electricity while it’s doing nothing.  Suggestion… get a real water softener or an appropriate filter for your water.

3.  “Catalytic” Filter Media… This is a tank containing little granules that have been manufactured to convert hardness ions to a crystalline form. In the process of converting, the sharp edges of the crystals are rounded & smoothed reducing their scaling characteristic.  Again, a hardness test will show that the water is not softened.  However, this technique does have some merit.  The water actually passes through the filter media. At least that makes it plausible that there could be an effect.  There is some anecdotal evidence that they indeed reduce “scaling”.  The scale is replaced by a light powder deposit. The only advantage seems to be it is easier for the home owner to keep clean. None of the other benefits of a water softener seem to be realized using this technology. No softer skin, no softer hair, no cleaner clothes, etc.  In addition, even this limited effectiveness seems to be limited to water that is relatively soft to begin with. If the water is even moderately hard, there seems to be no practical improvement in the scaling qualities of the water.  Suggestion… get a real water softener or an appropriate filter for your water.

Finally, contact a reputable independent water softener/filter company… check references.  Ask every question you can think of before you buy a softener or filter. Go to the basement with them and ask about how the plumbing works. Ask about how the machine works.  Look for signs that the company rep. may not know what he/she is talking about.  If you see that “lack of knowledge”, find another company that gives you more confidence in their technical knowledge & skills.  Good Luck !

Water Softener Salt Delivery Service

Water Softener Salt Deliver is one of our services. We deliver hundreds of bags per week for our customers. Just give us a call to schedule your water softener salt delivery.  We have regular salt, sodium chloride, and the alternative salt, potassium chloride. Call for pricing & delivery days in your area.

Home Water Filters

We have serviced a variety of  Home Water Filters & Water Softeners in the last few days.  We did a routine top-off on a neutralizer in Denver on Monday, Serviced a reverse osmosis in Conifer on Tuesday, Consulted on a 400 gallon storage system in Pine on Tuesday,  Quoted a new softener for some folks in Greenwood Village, and helped some folks with a new water heater in Arvada.  It’s been a busy couple of days.

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