Denver Garden & Home Show

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Chuck The Water Man is exhibiting at The Denver Garden & Home Show agin this year. We are at Booth #133 (same as every year). Issy & Chuck will be sharing duty at the booth. Stop by & say Hi.

Water Softener and Filter installation in Colorado

Today we are installing a water softener, water filter & 2 reverse osmosis units for a new customer in Dumont Colorado. This customer was referred to us by a neighbor of theirs who bought a system 10 years ago.

Water Filters Denver

Water Filters Denver is a catagory that should be addressed by location. We are currently working on a set of Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters in a recently re-built residential section of denver. The homes in this older part of the city are new & beautiful. However, the aging water mains can cause a problem for the very fine inlet filters in some water heaters. We are now trying to resolve this problem in one such house. Because there is a recirc loop, we really need to use a filter that can stand up to hot water. Deciding which filter to use is our challenge today. If you need such a solution… ask here.

Water Softener Salt Delivery Denver

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Water Softener Salt Delivery in Denver is a popular service among our commercial accounts. We automatically deliver salt to dozens of restaurants every week… befor they run out. The service is very inexpensive and allows clients to develop a working relationship with us for fast service when they need routine service or repairs.

Water Filters Denver

Water Filters Denver need routine service. Whether it’s a full size tank or a small cartridge they need the filter elements to be changed or “re-bedded” to some degree. Yesterday we topped off the beds of 2 neutralizing filters in Evergreen Colorado. These filters help to balance the pH of the water so the water won’t eat away at plumbing & fixtures. They need to be service at least in 6 month intervals.

Water Softeners Centennial Colorado

Last night we made a late evening service call for a couple on a water softener in Centennial Colorado. They have a 17 year old softener that is making their water salty. This is a common complaint on older units. The unit and surrounding plumbing has several leaks. These older units have rubber seals & O-rings. As they age, the rubber starts to crack. Over time, the rubber deteriorates and the hard plastic & metalic pistons can score or scratch the valve body, the piston, and the rings. This will cause widespread damage to the overall valve indicating replacement of the control valve or maybe even the entire unit. In this case, the resin has been in service for 17 years without the benefit of chlorine reduction. It makes better sense to replace the whole unit.

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