Soft Water in Denver Colorado

Yesterday we installed 2 new water softeners in Denver. Soft Water in Denver Colorado is a common occurrance. Many of the suburbs surrounding Denver have “Hard Water” or “Very Hard Water“. Chuck The Water Man (that’s me) works all over Colorado every day helping people with water quality problems. Hard water is argueably the most prolific concern. Yesterday we helped 2 families with new water softeners. One family in Loveland got soft water & filtered water. Another family in Brighton got a new water softener to go with their pre-existing water Filter & Tankless water heater.

Water Filters Denver

Today we will be installing another water filter system in Denver Colorado. It’s a water filter … a water sterilizer … and a water softener. It will provide great tasting, soft, purified water for this new customer. Meanwhile we have two routine service calls on water softeners and water filters in Littleton Colorado and Louisville Colorado. And finally, we have a site visit to price out the installation of a new Rinnai Tankless Water Heater. It is a classic day that really shows our priority … 2 service calls, 1 installation and 1 sales call. That is just about the perfect day for a healthy business.

Water Softeners Service

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Water softener service has not suffered since the new equipment has come back around. Last week we serviced 37 water softeners, water filters & water purifiers in the Denver area. At the same time we delivered 483 bags of salt and installed 13 water softeners or water filters of some sort.

Water Softeners are Booming Again

The Service business has grown tremendously during the recent economic decline. New equipment sales were slow. Based on the last 2 months, I would say the slow down is over! Water Softeners are Booming Again. January was up big-time. Then came February & the Colorado Garden & Home Show. WOW ! I am still responding to all the folks who saw us at the show. If it takes a few days, please be patient. Our reputation for great service and our years of longevity seem to be paying off. We would love to help you with your water quality improvements. So Please call 303-543-9600… or contact us through this website. We will get to everybody… I promise.

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