More Radio on the way….

More Radio on the way…. “Slacker” from the “Steve & Slacker” show on KALC-105.9 has been a customer of Chuck, The Water Man for several years. He recently offered to do testimonial ads on his radio show. Full disclosure…. like everybody else, we will be paying for the air time on KALC. But it is GREAT that Slacker is so happy with his water softener in Reunion…Commerce City.

Chuck, The Water Man on the Radio !

Chuck, The Water Man on the Radio ! You may have heard Mandy Connell… KHOW … on the Radio talking about her personal experiences with her water softener & water filter system from Chuck,The Water Man. Yesterday, Chuck, The Water Man was the “Expert” on the air for 3 hours with Tom Martino to answer questions & discuss Water Quality issues in the Colorado market.

Water Softeners in Colorado have a new Twist

Water Softener Sales & Installations now require a “Colorado State Plumbing Contractor’s License”. Chuck, The Water Man is a Licensed Plumbing Contractor. Please understand… a Master Plumber does not qualify to do the job unless the company he/she works for is a Licensed Plumbing Contractor. As a Home Owner, you can protect yourself from “Bootleg” Plumbers & Water Softener companies by asking to see their Plumbing Contractor License. The License number must start with the letters PC……… As a matter of fact, any work that qualifies as “Plumbing” requires the same PC license. This is not just a policy… it is the Law.

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