Who gets the highest return on Water Softener searches in Denver Colorado ?

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Who gets the highest return on Water Softener searches in Denver Colorado ? Chuck, The Water Man is overwhelmingly gets the top return on organic listings. The first few listings in searches are “sponsered” listings. That means the company is paying for that position. Those listings are on a shaded back ground or listed down the margin on the right side of the screen. The first listings without the shading are natural top positions based on the popularity of the site and the viewings and activity of the site. Chuck, The Water Man is almost always listed on the first page of searches in Colorado. We are most often in the first position. That is because our Name brand recognition is the strongest in Colorado and our product popularity is second to none.

Why does my water turn yellow ?

Why does my water turn yellow ? Good Question ! At Chuck, The Water Man, we are successful at solving this problem. Water from your private well may contain iron. Iron may be “in solution” or “out of solution”. If it is out of solution, the water will appear yellow or even orange as it comes out of the tap. If it is in solution, the water will appear clear as it comes out. Eventually,if left exposed to the air, it will oxidize causing it fall out of solution. As it oxidzes, little particles of rust are formed. This turns the water yellow or brown. You have probably guessed… We have a fix for that. Call us at 303-543-9600.

What is wrong with the water in Commerce City, Colorado ?

What is wrong with the water in Commerce City, Colorado ? Chuck, The Water Man says: “The water in Commerce City & Henderson, Colorado is admittedly “Very Hard” water. But aside from hardness there is nothing really “wrong” with it.” The elevated hardness levels has a dramatic effect around the house. It leaves a white film on just about everything it touches… including the shower door, the dish & glassware, and silverware. Ladies are usually sensitive to the “heavy, straw-like feel of their hair after showering in hard water. You may benefit from a water softener. We can help. Call us at 303-543-9600. Thanks.

Water Softener Rip-Offs

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Water Softener Rip-Offs are quite common. There are several ways a salesman or a company can mislead you in their sales presentation. Here’s an example of one such “Low Life”. Last week I got a call for service from an 84 year old woman living alone way out in the country. She has her own private well. Several years ago, she bought a water softener from a clever salesman. He convinced her that her water was very hard. In fact, he said it was so hard that she needed a $6,000 water softener. This very nice lady bought the softener and continued to use it and have it serviced until I got there last week. In Fact… her water is naturally soft… without the water softener. Her TDS is high, so she should have a small Reverse Osmosis for drinking water… but not a softener. It is amazing how low some folks will go.

Salt Free Water Softeners

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“Salt Free Water Softeners”

By:  Chuck, The Water Man

They  Don’t  Work !   That is my educated & highly experienced opinion.  While there are many excellent water filtration appliances that do not use salt, I cannot include water softeners in that bunch. By definition, water softeners must remove hardness from the water. There are 3 common ways in which companies & manufacturers claim they are softening water without the use of salt…

1.  Clamp a magnet to your water pipe… Sounds simple enough.  They make lots of assertions about how the magnetic field changes or aligns the hardness in the water rendering it “soft”.  I would certainly challenge that theory.  Hardness is mostly dissolved rock. Calcium carbonates, bi-carbonates, etc. I’ve never seen magnets have much effect on rocks (unless the rocks are laced with iron).  But let’s move on and imagine there is some effect.  So we visualize all the little hardness ions all lined up in marching formation.  Now what ?  There is no mechanism in the magnet to remove anything.  It is clamped to the outside of the pipe. It cannot do anything to change the hardness content of the water.  Want proof ?  Have the water analyzed. Use water before & after the magnet.  You’ll find you’ve been ripped off.  The results will be the same.  But at least you have some very, very expensive magnets. Suggestion… get a real water softener or an appropriate filter for your water.

2.  Wrap coils of wire around your pipe and apply electrical pulses to it.  Guess what… this creates an electro- magnet.  It costs a lot more than the magnet described in #1 (above).  But the end result is exactly the same. Do a hardness test on your water… No Change !  These guys even advertise on national TV.  Why?  Because they know the 1st rule of scams. “There is a sucker born every day”.   Now you have a very, very expensive electro-magnet that actually uses electricity while it’s doing nothing.  Suggestion… get a real water softener or an appropriate filter for your water.

3.  “Catalytic” Filter Media… This is a tank containing little granules that have been manufactured to convert hardness ions to a crystalline form. In the process of converting, the sharp edges of the crystals are rounded & smoothed reducing their scaling characteristic.  Again, a hardness test will show that the water is not softened.  However, this technique does have some merit.  The water actually passes through the filter media. At least that makes it plausible that there could be an effect.  There is some anecdotal evidence that they indeed reduce “scaling”.  The scale is replaced by a light powder deposit. The only advantage seems to be it is easier for the home owner to keep clean. None of the other benefits of a water softener seem to be realized using this technology. No softer skin, no softer hair, no cleaner clothes, etc.  In addition, even this limited effectiveness seems to be limited to water that is relatively soft to begin with. If the water is even moderately hard, there seems to be no practical improvement in the scaling qualities of the water.  Suggestion… get a real water softener or an appropriate filter for your water.

Finally, contact a reputable independent water softener/filter company… check references.  Ask every question you can think of before you buy a softener or filter. Go to the basement with them and ask about how the plumbing works. Ask about how the machine works.  Look for signs that the company rep. may not know what he/she is talking about.  If you see that “lack of knowledge”, find another company that gives you more confidence in their technical knowledge & skills.  Good Luck !

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