3M Water Softeners in Denver Colorado

3M Water Softeners in Denver Colorado. Most folks recognize the 3M name brand. Did you know 3M has been in the water filtration industry for decades. Chuck, The Water Man is the only Authorized 3M Water Dealer in Colorado. We deal directly with 3M, saving the consumer about $1,000 per job by avoiding the “middle man”. Call us 303-543-9600.… !”…. Click here to see how our customers rate us !

Find Water Softeners in Commerce City & Henderson Colorado

Find Water Softeners in Commerce City & Henderson Colorado.… It is easy to find water softeners at your price in our town. Chuck, The Water Man lives here. He can certainly help you find something in your price range. We sell equipment that is especially designed to work on our extremely hard water. Call our office at 303-543-9600.…. Click here to see how our customers rate us !

Water Softener Ratings in Colorado

Water Softener Ratings in Colorado are important to consider. At Chuck, The Water Man, we let our customers do the “Rating”. Visit our customer testimonials section…!”…. Click here to see how our customers rate us !

Who gets the highest return on Water Softener searches in Denver Colorado ?

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Who gets the highest return on Water Softener searches in Denver Colorado ? Chuck, The Water Man is overwhelmingly gets the top return on organic listings. The first few listings in searches are “sponsered” listings. That means the company is paying for that position. Those listings are on a shaded back ground or listed down the margin on the right side of the screen. The first listings without the shading are natural top positions based on the popularity of the site and the viewings and activity of the site. Chuck, The Water Man is almost always listed on the first page of searches in Colorado. We are most often in the first position. That is because our Name brand recognition is the strongest in Colorado and our product popularity is second to none.

Hard Water in Parker Colorado

Hard Water in the Parker Colorado Area. It seems things in the water softener business come in waves. We have installed several water softeners in the Parker area in the last few weeks. Last week we got a call to replace a water heater that had corroded through the bottom and leaked causing a flood in the basement. These folks got a water softener to protect their new water heater and everything else in the house. Call us at 303.543.9600.. Or, Jump to our Testimonial & Ratings page.

Woodland Park Colorado Water Softeners & Water Filters

Woodland Park Colorado Water Softeners & Water Filters. The area in & around Woodland Park Colorado has lots of well water and many of those wells have a variety of aesthetic issues. Some smell bad. Others stain fixtures & laundry. Some of the water is simply “Hard”. Chuck, The Water Man services the area regularly. If you need service or perhaps a new water filter or softener, give us a call @ 303-543-9600. Or drop us a quick email… Jump to our Testimonial & Ratings page.

Hard Water in Castle Rock Colorado

Hard Water in Castle Rock Colorado. Much of the water in & around Castle Rock Colorado is contains significant levels of hardness. Chuck, The Water Man has hundreds of water softeners and iron removal systems in the Castle Rock area including dozens in Larkspur Colorado. We are happy to help you if you will just let us know you are interested or curious. We can usually give a pretty good ballpark figure over the phone. Call us at 303.543.9600. Or visit our customer comment & ratings page. Jump to our Testimonial & Ratings page.

The Water around Castle Rock Colorado Sucks !

The Water around Castle Rock Colorado Sucks ! A Lady recently moved into a rural area just outside of Castle Rock, Colorado. When she found Chuck, The Water Man on the internet, she started by saying “The Water around Castle Rock Colorado Sucks !” She described her very hard water and the problems it has caused for her. Fortunately, she has found us to help her with a new water softener. Call us at 303-543-9600. Or visit our customer comment & ratings page. Jump to our Testimonial & Ratings page.

Who Owns Highland Water ?

Who Owns Highland Water ? It’s finally a done deal. Chuck, The Water Man has bought all remaining assets of Highland Water in Aurora, Colorado. Highland Water is now operating out or Chuck’s central facility in Denver. Highland customers now have a world class operation servicing their systems. You will get fast response & outstanding care. Welcome to Chuck, The Water Man ! Call us an time… 303-543-9600.

Water Softener Service

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Water  Softener  Service

by:   Chuck, The Water Man

There are lots of water softener companies out there. Most of them focus on selling new water softeners. We call them “Sellers”. Sellers will usually repair their own brand of water softener if it’s not too old. They may frequently advertise that they will “service all makes & models”. But the overriding goal is to sell a new water softener to replace your old one. They are simply not educated in a variety of equipment. They have little (or no) experience with other equipment. And they want to bring in the big bucks from your bank account to theirs that comes with their new equipment sales.  All in all, the Sellers have no interest in repairing your old water softener.

Not all water softener companies are Sellers. There are a few companies that have made themselves into experts on many brands of water softeners. They can repair most any system or optimize (tune up) the water softener you already have. We call them “Fixers”. Although professional Fixers are rare in the water softener industry, if you find one, they may save you big money. Most repairs cost less than $300. That’s a fraction of the cost of a new one.  Many service calls are under  $100. A good Fixer may not only fix the problem you know about, but may prevent future problems that would cost you even more money. Please understand that even a Fixer may have to give you bad news. While most repairs are simple & inexpensive, others can approach (or even exceed) the cost of a new machine.  A Fixer should  explain your choices & costs before they get to a point of charging you for more than the initial service charge. On occasion, purchasing a new water softener makes more sense than pouring money into the old one. But you should always get to make that choice.

How do you tell the difference between a Seller & a Fixer ?

The Contact

  • Sellers usually contact you through an unsolicited phone call.  An “appointment setter” (telemarketer),   will call to set an appointment for a “free water test” or “evaluation” of your existing water softener.
  • Fixers usually receive a call initiated by you requesting service on your water softener.

The Appointment

  • Sellers will suggest an appointment time that ensures all decision makers are home. They know they will be trying to sell you an overpriced water softener.  They know you will want to talk it over. They know your spouse will laugh at you if you tell them you want to buy a multi-thousand dollar water softener. They know the only chance of selling it is if you both see the demonstration. They will say something like:  “Will that be a good time for both you & your husband?”
  • Fixers are intending to fix the unit and charge you for a short service call. All a fixer needs is access to the water softener.  That’s it… easy. A fixer will set the appointment for anytime that is good for the customer & his/her schedule.

 The Actual Visit to Your Home

  • Sellers will arrive with a Brief Case kind of thing. They may refer to it as a “portable laboratory” or a “test kit”.  Make no mistake… It is a Demonstration Kit !   You are about to start down a 3 hour sales demonstration and sales pitch path. He/She is here to sell something.
  • Fixers will arrive with a screw driver, a small pair of pliers, a clip board and maybe a small tool bag.  He will usually have a small pouch with some testers in it.  He/She is here to fix something.
  • The Seller will usually go to the sink and ask if your spouse is home.  He/She will start to set up their Demo Kit. If your spouse does not show up, the Seller will try to reschedule for a “more convenient time”.
  • The Fixer will usually go to the basement and ask to see the water softener. He/ She will begin work to diagnose & fix the problem.
  • The Seller, after 2 to 3 hours of demonstration & salesmanship at the kitchen table, will exhaust all possible schemes to “close the sale” during this 1st visit. These schemes will include everything from little stories intended to sway you & calls back to the office for “special deals” to a variety of “one time good deals” for you to make you decision on the spot. They may give you a price tag ranging from $3K all the way up to $7K.  Believe me… the asking price in not indicative of quality. It only indicates what they think they can get from you. They may push a “Low Monthly Payment” of only $90.00 per month. It is unlikely you will live long enough to pay it off. They tend to stay at it until a sale is made or they are asked to leave. The last half hour of this process becomes a very uncomfortable high pressure situation for most consumers.
  • The Fixer will fix the softener, or fill you in on the details. He/She will complete a service order and ask for the appropriate amount of money… usually $150 to $200. Sometimes a little more.  Sometimes a little less. Then He/She will leave with a smile and move on to the next service call on the schedule.  The Fixer is usually at your home for less than an hour.


Many people enjoy having a water softener. It feels luxurious to bath in. It has many other advantages & benefits around the house. But it will never feel good if some salesman pushes you into it. You will never get over the feeling that you got…. Sold by a “smooth talker” and paid way too much money.  Take your time, do your homework and make a good decision for you & your family.  Good Luck ! Click here to: Jump to our Testimonial & Ratings page.

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