Water Softeners in Colorado have a new Twist

Water Softener Sales & Installations now require a “Colorado State Plumbing Contractor’s License”. Chuck, The Water Man is a Licensed Plumbing Contractor. Please understand… a Master Plumber does not qualify to do the job unless the company he/she works for is a Licensed Plumbing Contractor. As a Home Owner, you can protect yourself from “Bootleg” Plumbers & Water Softener companies by asking to see their Plumbing Contractor License. The License number must start with the letters PC……… As a matter of fact, any work that qualifies as “Plumbing” requires the same PC license. This is not just a policy… it is the Law.

Water Heaters Denver Colorado

Water Heaters in Denver Colorado number well over 1,000,000. Each year about 100,000 get replaced or upgraded. Once again, Chuck The Water Man replaced water heaters every week. Some traditional tank style water heaters… others are upgraded with tankless water heaters….

More Hard Water in the Castle Rock Colorado Area

More Hard Water in the Castle Rock Colorado Area. It seems things in the water softener business come in waves. We have installed several water softeners in the Castle Rock area in the last few weeks. Last week we got a call to replace a water heater that had corroded through the bottom and leaked causing a flood in the basement. When we took the old one out it had 60 lbs of corrosive hard water deposits on the bottom of the water heater. It had built up for about 8 years to over a foot deep. Needless to say, these folks got a water softener to protect their new water heater and everything else in the house. Call us at 303.543.9600.. Or, Jump to our Testimonial & Ratings page.

Water Heaters in Commerce City Colorado

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Water Heaters in Commerce City Colorado. Chuck, The Water Man put in 4 water heaters in the last 2 days in Commerce City, Colorado. I Think the reason we do so many water heaters lately is because we have them in stock. We also have full time weekend service. Therefore, if you need a water heater on Saturday or Sunday, we can deliver on Saturday or Sunday.

Who can fix a water heater in denver colorado ?

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Who can fix a water heater in denver colorado ? Many times we can fix a water heater. But usually the water heater is better replaced. If it is leaking, it definitely needs replacing. If not leaking, repairs could be possible. Go to customer Ratings & Testimonials: See Ratings & Testimonials…

Who sells water heaters in Denver Colorado ?

Who sells water heaters in Denver Colorado ? Chuck The Water Man does ! We sell & install regular tank style water heaters. We also sell & install the high efficiency Tankless water heaters. Call us at 303-543-9600 for a free quote.

Water Heaters Denver Colorado

It must be that time in the building & repair cycle. We have had a run on water heaters in Denver, Colorado. I would bet everybody in the business is booming… at least we are ! 40 gallon water heaters & 50 gallon water heaters are very hot! Tankless water heaters are a little slower but still strong.

Water Heaters Castle Rock

We put another water heater in with a new water softener in Castle Rock Colorado. Water heater replacements have become more & more common over the last few years. As so many homes built during the last building boom are reaching that 7 to 10 year old mark, many of them are needing new water heaters. We carry the traditional tank style along with the newer, more efficient tankless units.

Water Heaters Commerce City Colorado

As the water softener business continues to thrive, the water heater business is also booming. Both the traditional tank style and the high efficiency tankless models are selling like never before.

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