Ph Neutralizing Water Filters

pH Neutralizing Water Filters
It is common to see Green or Blue stains in sinks, tubs & showers. This is usually the result of acidic water (low pH) eating away at the inside of your copper pipes. When water containing this dissolved copper is exposed to the air, the copper oxidizes and turns the sink or tub that greenish/blueish color. You may have experienced the same thing on your finger or wrist if you ever wore copper jewelry back in the 60’s. There are lots of things in nature that make water acidic. Probably the most common is CO2 from decaying vegitation. Pine needles are a big contributor. Areas with a high pine tree population frequently have low pH or acidic water.

Chuck, The Water Man’s Neutralizing Filter uses a safe and natural technology to bring your pH into balance.
… Stop the green/blue stains
… Stop the deterioration of your pipes, (before they develop leaks in your walls & ceilings)
… Correct acidic water conditions
… Fixes your water naturally using a custom blend filter specifically for your water
… No harsh chemicals or large chemical tanks to deal with.
… Raise pH to a comfortable, safe level
… Automatically cleans the filter material at pre-calculated intervals
… Highly reliable giving you years of trouble free operation

This unit usually requires a routine service call once every 6 months. Some people do it themselves… Most customers have us do the service.

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