Sediment (Sand, Grit & Particles)

Sediment in water usually presents at sand, Grit & other particles that settle out of the water. These types of contaminants can be filtered out mechanically. There are lots of different kinds of mechanical filters. The most common (and easiest to understand) is a “Screen”.  A common window screen mechanically filters out flys & mosquitos while letting fresh air flow into the house.  A mechanical water filter can be a paper cartridge that filters out sand & grit while letting cleaner water flow from your faucet.

Cartridge Filters

As stated, the cartridge filter is one type of Sediment Filter. It is simple and relatively inexpensive to install. The down-side to cartridge filters is that you have to change them frequently.  If you don’t change them often enough, they will reduce your water pressure to an unacceptable trickle. How often you will have to change them totally depends on how much sediment is in your water and how much water you use. Some people change them monthly.  Others change them weekly.  Many people change them once or twice each day.

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