Can hard water make my hair dry ? YES !

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Can hard water make my hair dry ? YES ! The hardness in water combines with soaps & shampoo and forms a soap scum that coats everything… including your hair. The most visible presentation of soap scum is usually that white film on your shower wall. Many salons and hair stylist will tell folks they have “mineral deposits” on their hair. It not only dries out your hair, it also clings to your hair and makes your hair heavy & flat. Soft water removes the mineral deposits and makes your hair lighter weight, full & healthy. So… Can hard water make my hair dry ? YES !

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Water Softener Reviews & Ratings

Why are Water Softener Reviews & Ratings so important ? Currently, there are more than 30 companies offering Water Softeners and performing Water Softener installations without a “Water Conditioning Contractor’s” License… while there are only 4 Licensed “Water Conditioning Contractors” in Colorado. Water Softener Reviews & Ratings are only the first step in consumer research. Please take a close look at the company’s Reviews & Ratings. The State of Colorado requires a Water Conditioning Contractor be Licensed. An un-Licensed contractor is breaking the law. The requirements to become a Licensed Contractor is your guarantee that the company has the professional training & experience to perform your work properly in a way that will not compromise your family’s Health & Safety. Do it right. Hire a Licensed Water Conditioning Contractor. Our License number is… WC.0000006. We have been in the water conditioning business for more than 30 years. We are… Chuck, The Water Man !

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Denver Better Business Bureau *** A+ RATING *** ……………….National Water Quality Association


Who sells water softeners in Parker Colorado?

Who sells water softeners in Parker Colorado? Chuck, The Water Man sells & services water softeners & filters in Parker Colorado and the surrounding areas. We service residential & commercial clients every day in The Pinery, The Timbers, Colorado Golf, Pradera and the rest of the Parker area.

Do I need a water softener in Parker Colorado ?

Do I need a water softener in Parker Colorado ? The water in Parker is very hard. Most folks we talk with Love their water softeners. Chuck, The Water Man has the best 3M water softeners for Parker water. Call for a quote over the phone. 720-331-9181.

Water Softeners Colorado Springs

Water Softeners Colorado Springs Chuck, The Water Man has been servicing the Pikes Peak Region for many years (decades actually). Just recently 3M awarded us the Entire State of Colorado as our exclusive territory. We already have a significant presence there, but now we will be establishing a business location and hiring local staff for Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Look for our ads on billboards and other advertising media. 3M & Chuck The Water Man…. Big Enough to Serve & Small Enough to Care.

Is the water in Parker Colorado Hard?

Is the water in Parker Colorado Hard? Yes! The water is very hard. Water Softeners can fix that problem. Look for water softeners that are “full flow”. You won’t like a water softener that cuts back on water pressure and water flow. That is irritating… especially in the shower. Thanks for Looking here. Chuck, The Water Man

Highlands Ranch, Hard Water

Highlands Ranch Colorado has hard water. That pretty much sums it up. I’ve never heard of any “Health Related” contaminants in Highlands Ranch water… It’s just hard ! So, a water softener with a little pre-filter will make the water just about perfect. If you are looking to get a water softener, Chuck, The Water Man can take care of the whole project for you. Depending on the size of your home & family, It will usually cost between $2K & $3K. Most often right at the $2,400 mark. That is for a completely finished job. Let us know if you want more information

Orange Water from my well

Orange Water from my well ? I get that a lot from folks with private wells. Morrisson, Conifer, Pine, Evergreen, Fort Lupton, Brighton, Keenesburg. Bennett, Strasburg & Watkins have much iron in their private wells. We have an easy (chemical free) solution. Call us… 303-543-9600

Angie’s List & Chuck, The Water Man

Angie’s List has awarded; Chuck, The Water Man; their 2013 “Super Service” Award. We are the only Water Softener company in the Denver Metro area to receive this award. I guess great service is appreciated by consumers… We Continue to Serve our customers every day.

Angies List & Water Softeners

Angie’s List Rates & Reviews Water Softeners. Angie members Rate & Review Water Softener Contractors ? Chuck, The Water Man has more Water Softener Ratings on Angie’s List than any other Water Softener Company. And Guess What… Our ratings are all A’s. Check us out on Angie’s List.