Why do I get soap scum on shower walls ?

Why do I get soap scum on shower walls ? Soap scum if caused by the curd that results from HARD WATER & SOAP. There are many products that can cut through the nasty white build-up. But the best way is to prevent it in the first place. When you say ” Why do I get soap scum on shower walls ?” The answer is: It’s because of all the “JUNK” in the water. A Water Softener is a cylindrical device that can be installed in your mechanical area that removes the Hardness before it hits all your appliances, your shower walls, your skin & Hair. Call Chuck, The Water Man for a free estimate. 303-543-9600.

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Denver Better Business Bureau *** A+ RATING *** ……………….National Water Quality Association

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Water Softener Ratings & Reviews

Water Softener Ratings & Reviews. 3M Water Softeners carry 3rd party cert’s by NSF and the National Water Quality Association (WQA). Chuck, The Water Man has extremely high customer service ratings from Angie’s list, Tom Martino, Yelp, Home Advisor and many other consumer rating & referral organizations. Take a minute and read some of our customer letters from over the years.!”…. Click here to see how our customers rate us !

More Radio on the way….

More Radio on the way…. “Slacker” from the “Steve & Slacker” show on KALC-105.9 has been a customer of Chuck, The Water Man for several years. He recently offered to do testimonial ads on his radio show. Full disclosure…. like everybody else, we will be paying for the air time on KALC. But it is GREAT that Slacker is so happy with his water softener in Reunion…Commerce City.

Chuck, The Water Man on the Radio !

Chuck, The Water Man on the Radio ! You may have heard Mandy Connell… KHOW … on the Radio talking about her personal experiences with her water softener & water filter system from Chuck,The Water Man. Yesterday, Chuck, The Water Man was the “Expert” on the air for 3 hours with Tom Martino to answer questions & discuss Water Quality issues in the Colorado market.

Who sells Water Softeners in Colorado Springs ?

Who sells Water Softeners in Colorado Springs ? Chuck, The Water Man sells water softeners & water filters in Colorado Springs. We are also a registered Colorado Plumbing Contractor…. And we are registered with Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. We do things right !

Do I need a water softener in Parker Colorado ?

Do I need a water softener in Parker Colorado ? The water in Parker is very hard. Most folks we talk with Love their water softeners. Chuck, The Water Man has the best 3M water softeners for Parker water. Call for a quote over the phone. 720-331-9181.

Hard Water Colorado Springs

Hard Water Colorado Springs. The hard water in the Colorado Springs area can be improved greatly by a 3M Water Softener from Chuck, The Water Man. Areas like Fountain and Security have extremely hard water. Please feel free to call for a free quote (usually right over the phone. 720-331-9181.

Water Softeners Colorado Springs

Water Softeners Colorado Springs Chuck, The Water Man has been servicing the Pikes Peak Region for many years (decades actually). Just recently 3M awarded us the Entire State of Colorado as our exclusive territory. We already have a significant presence there, but now we will be establishing a business location and hiring local staff for Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Look for our ads on billboards and other advertising media. 3M & Chuck The Water Man…. Big Enough to Serve & Small Enough to Care.

Is the water in Parker Colorado Hard?

Is the water in Parker Colorado Hard? Yes! The water is very hard. Water Softeners can fix that problem. Look for water softeners that are “full flow”. You won’t like a water softener that cuts back on water pressure and water flow. That is irritating… especially in the shower. Thanks for Looking here. Chuck, The Water Man

Highlands Ranch, Hard Water

Highlands Ranch Colorado has hard water. That pretty much sums it up. I’ve never heard of any “Health Related” contaminants in Highlands Ranch water… It’s just hard ! So, a water softener with a little pre-filter will make the water just about perfect. If you are looking to get a water softener, Chuck, The Water Man can take care of the whole project for you. Depending on the size of your home & family, It will usually cost between $2K & $3K. Most often right at the $2,400 mark. That is for a completely finished job. Let us know if you want more information

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