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Why are Water Softener Reviews & Ratings so important ? Currently, there are more than 30 companies offering Water Softeners and performing Water Softener installations without a “Water Conditioning Contractor’s” License… while there are only 4 Licensed “Water Conditioning Contractors” in Colorado. Water Softener Reviews & Ratings are only the first step in consumer research. Please take a close look at the company’s Reviews & Ratings. The State of Colorado requires a Water Conditioning Contractor be Licensed. An un-Licensed contractor is breaking the law. The requirements to become a Licensed Contractor is your guarantee that the company has the professional training & experience to perform your work properly in a way that will not compromise your family’s Health & Safety. Do it right. Hire a Licensed Water Conditioning Contractor. Our License number is… WC.0000006. We have been in the water conditioning business for more than 30 years. We are… Chuck, The Water Man !

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